Next day photo image service

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Next day photo image service

Our National Network of specialist Photographers will attend your required location and photograph any asset that you specify, Cars, Commercial vehicles, Houses, Shops, Boats or Furniture.

All of our experienced Photographers use high quality Digital SLR cameras to photograph the specified asset in accordance with our exacting standards and Service level Agreement.

The images are made available to you on Service Certainty's unique imageproof web-link. Our prices are dependent on the speed of service you require, whether it's our unique industry leading next day service, or the standard four day service, which remains very popular due to its consistently reliable response levels.

For further information about these services, please contact us
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Business Update:
Service Certainty imageproof™ has now established itself as the UK's largest network of professional photographers. We have contracts with many of the UK's leading insurers and bodyshops.

Our bespoke web based software platform delivers a complete workflow and logging service to enable our customers to follow each assignment every step of the way, as well as have immediate two way communication directly from the assignment page.
Furthermore, we now also provide estimating services and multi-supplier tiered handover to enable insurers and bodyshops to pass jobs between themselves for more rapid decision making and fewer customer touch points.
imageproof™ is now used for third party intervention, bodyshop estimating and liability identification. Engineers are able to maximise their time spent on the road by achieving a significant uplift in desktop estimations and authorisations.
We are also very busy in the household insurance sector, where historically many low value claims escaped scrutiny, we now offer a cost effective solution to ensure claims for damage are accurate, avoiding wear and tear, or indeed fraudulent claims.
We also now assist insurers in property damage caused by motor vehicles. We are the eyes of the claims handler and produce independent evidence for future liability or repudiation discussions.
As you can see we've been extremely busy developing new concepts with our partners and we would welcome the chance to discuss any further opportunities.
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