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Service Certainty™ Continues To Expand its imageproof™ Product Range

Release: 13/3/18

Press Release

For Immediate Release
13th March 20187

Service Certainty™ Continues To Expand its imageproof™ Product Range

Service Certainty™ Ltd, the UK’s leading digital damage assessment imaging company, has launched the latest addition to its range of imageproof™ capture solutions. Its upgraded ‘self-serve motor’ web app offers customers a step-by-step tool to capture data specific to the requirements of a claim.

Reinforcing and expanding their longstanding working relationship, Covéa Insurance is the first UK Insurer to launch the improved product which enables their customers to quickly and conveniently provide timely images of damage to their vehicles for those occasions where the Service Certainty’s UK Photographer service is not required.

Over the past eight years, Service Certainty™ has worked with Covéa Insurance by providing the company with the ability to instruct a Service Certainty photographer to visit anywhere in the UK to obtain independent high quality multi-purpose images for damage assessment for validation and estimation via its network of over four thousand photographers. Now, with the help of our dedicated web app, the insurer’s customers can take images of their own vehicle and upload them to Covéa Insurance engineers themselves, a more quick and efficient solution for customers in their time of need.

In the news recently for their advancements with deep learning artificial intelligence for glass damage assessment, Service Certainty™ is now turning it’s AI lens to more general vehicle damage yet intends to withhold it’s implementation until such time as it can deliver the same levels of accuracy achieved with glass.

Liam Nye, CEO, Service Certainty™ says:

"We have been working with the team at Covéa Insurance for many years now and they’ve always been the first to embrace new technologies and ideas. Adding our latest web app technology to the suite of products we provide them is testament to their forward thinking. In a world where customers have technology in their hands that is capable of capturing good quality footage or images is something that businesses should embrace. We have always understood this and will continue to constantly evolve and integrate to make today’s technology available to our insurer and repairer clients without them needing to make changes to their existing procedures and infrastructures. We pride ourselves at being the first company to market with remote image capture solutions almost ten years ago, and we haven’t stopped evolving since."

Alastair Sherwin, Motor Engineer Manager at Covéa Insurance responded:

"We have a great working relationship with Service Certainty who are at the forefront of thinking when it comes to image capture solutions. We see them as an integral part of our customer service offering and their UK photography service has now been enhanced further with the new self-service imaging web app, to a point where we are now able to capture the majority of our total loss claims via their solutions."

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