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Service Certainty™ - enhanced imageviewer™ cuts work load and claims costs

Release: 24/04/2017

Press Release

For Immediate Release
24th April 2017

Service Certainty™ - enhanced imageviewer™ cuts work load and claims costs

Users of Service Certainty Imageproof now have access to a wide range of new features further enabling them to rapidly reduce job and claims costs as well as overall key to key times.

Imageviewer forms part of Service Certainty's online platform for viewing images and now includes multiple filters that have been specifically created to maximize damage identification. These bespoke filters extract additional data from imageproof Pro and Self Service images allowing engineers and estimators to visualise damage in new ways that the original images simply can't show. All of this is possible without impacting upon the integrity of the image in its initial state. The system also allows images to be shared and downloaded whilst remaining fully integrated with Audatex.

Service Certainty recently trialled the new system with a panel of clients and the feedback received was way beyond even the company's high expectations.

Founded in 2009 Service Certainty is a leading and the UK's first independent provider of digital images for damage assessment via its comprehensive network of Pro photographers. It has coverage across the entire the length and breadth of the British Isles making its imaging services accessible to all. Now with over 3,000 registered Pros. Service Certainty's growth has rocketed over recent years as the company has continually embraced new technology to bring innovative solutions that significantly increase their customer's bottom line.

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