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Service Certainty™ Ltd brings its award-winning imageproof™ product to the household market

Release: 22/10/2014

Service Certainty™ Ltd brings its award-winning imageproof™ product to the household market.

Following five years in the motor sector, delivering high-quality digital images of damaged vehicles, property and locus for claims settlement and repair estimating, Service Certainty™ now expands its unique service to include household claims.

They have now completed a full integration with Xactware's industry-leading claims software XactAnalysis and Xactimate.

One Set Of Images For All To See.

This integration extends and simplifies the ability to appoint one of imageproof™'s 2500 Pros across the United Kingdom to obtain rapid, independent and unbiased images of household damage that can now be seamlessly shared down an entire supply chain, including insurers , adjusters, surveyors, contractors and even the homeowners.

XactAnalysis is the claims management platform and also provides powerful MI functionality. Xactimate is the scoping tool that allows users to build detailed estimates easily. Claims typically start in XactAnalysis, usually by EDI link from the insurer's own system. From here a claim can be sent to the desk team, surveyor, adjustor, or contractor to scope in Xactimate (or a combination of these). At any stage in the chain, a claim can be referred to Service Certainty imageproof™ to provide images of household damage, either from its Pro network, or via its self service or most recently launched imageproof™ Lite app, which allows insurers to utilise their own network of assessors directly from desktop. Once images are captured, they can be added to the digital claim assignment within XactAnalysis. As the assignment travels through the chain, the photos move with it, giving all parties access to the same set of professional QC-approved photos.

CEO of Service Certainty™, Liam Nye said "We are absolutely delighted to integrate with Xactware. Our success in motor can now be enjoyed in the household market, without adding yet another project to our insurer client's list. I am more than aware of the challenges faced by insurers in having so many platforms and multiple service provider processes. In some cases I've seen claims staff operating three monitors simultaneously and a significant amount of double keying, which is both time-consuming and can lead to mistakes. Our integration with Xactware ensures that our clients can now use a single entry point and also share the same high-quality images across its supply chain."

James Grant, Xactware MD added "Multiple parties attending sites, and every party taking separate photographs of the same thing in an insured's home looks unprofessional, is an inconvenience and wastes time. Xactware's solution allows photos to be shared by all participants in the claim cycle. Through the integration with Service Certainty, clients can chose to have seamless access to its professional network of photographers and for images from Service Certainty to be made available within XactAnalysis or Xactimate so that they can be used to evidence damage. This should be particularly helpful to desk adjusters who need some additional detail to be able to negotiate a settlement with the customer."

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